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New Desk, New Blog, New Day!


Welcome to my first blog post for Gacha Gardens and Gimme Gacha Productions!  I found lots of shinies to share!  But first, I had to set up a place to work.  Here is where I hope to get LOTS of work done!

I kind of seemed to have made a mistake….this desk is a little high.  I guess I will grow into it.  Of course…just a LITTLE distractions….kitties!


I love the computer, though. Cats *do* make me happy!


I am glad that you have decided to come with me on this journey!  I hope to bring you many shinies to peek at….providing they don’t distract ME too much!

GachaGarden: November 2018:

The Green Door – Pink Desk Set

~The Green Door~ Ansel Desk
~The Green Door~ Ansel Desk Chair – Pink – RARE
~The Green Door~ LOVE Bookholders with Books
~The Green Door~ Desk Caddie – Pink
~The Green Door~ Hydrangea Pot – Pink
~The Green Door~ Weekly Planner – Pink
~The Green Door~ Pen – Pink

Bang! Figures:

Halloweentown #2 – Jack Skull
Halloweentown #6 – Sally Patches
Halloweentown #8 – Ghost Pup (GITD Figure)


comet. + violet bean +

Other Items:

01. Lagom – Cat Crazy [Skybox] ULTRARARE C/M
03. Lagom – Cat Crazy [Sofa PG] C/M
07. Lagom – Cat Crazy [Shelf] C/M
04. Lagom – Cat Crazy [CatBed Pink] C/M
01. Lagom – Cat-ccecories [Cat tree A] RARE
06. Lagom – Cat-ccecories [Wall toy]
03. Lagom – Cat-ccecories [Rug]
LAGOM – Ghotic Glam – [Lightstring Purple]#13
Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Computer Screen
+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty – High-Tech Yarn – Snow
-tres blah- Workspace – Print and Books
Junk Food – Geesebumps Books Stack
cinphul // Fuzzy Light [grey]


Body – Toddleedoo Baby
Hair – Tameless Alchemy
Dress: ~TH~ The Spider’s Night Web – TD Baby
Hair – *barberyumyum*90(pink) (+bangs)
Dress:  ~TH~ A Night Out – Winter – TD Baby
((thank you to Cathy and to Jordan for giving me the inspiration, and the encouragement, to start blogging…*huggles* to you both!))




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