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Not all fairy tales are peaches and cream, some were very dark and twisted. This post is for those princesses that are a little darker than most! We are also coming to the end of the October round of Gimmie Gacha Productions Gachaland . And to top it off  we have some hunt goodness thrown in the mix! So let us get started!


.::OA – M.E.O::..

From the Monsterella Gacha Set available @Swank

#1 ..::OA – M.E.O::..[MR] Carriage Adult Rare

#2 ..::OA – M.E.O::..[MR]  Friends Well

#6 ..::OA – M.E.O::..[MR] Glow Tree

#8 ..::OA – M.E.O::..[MR] Grass Patch v2

#3 ..::OA – M.E.O::..[MR]   Skull Ivy Patch

From the Dark Fairy Tales Gacha

#15 ..::OA – M.E.O::..[DFT] Stone Bench


From the Mush Mush Set available @ Gachaland

:BoWillow: Mush Mush Cap – RARE

:BoWillow: Mush Mush Shroom – RARE

:BoWillow: Mush Mush Cap – Lavender

:BoWillow: Mush Mush Room – Lavender


For the MadPea Halloween Monster Hunt

[Kres] Glass Pumpkins – 2 –  Magic

[Kres] Glass Pumpkins – 3 –  Magic

[Kres] Glass Pumpkins – 5 –  Magic

[Kres] Glass Pumpkins – 1 – Orange

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