May Comment Winners!


Better late than never, but here are the comment winners for May!  We are now taking a break until September to let the stocks build up again, but keep supporting our bloggers and give them some love!  They love sharing their posts with you and hearing back from everyone!  Congrats to our May winners!!!

One Rare
PippaScott, Opal Faith, Kerr1elynne, AdilaChero, BrennaNicole, Orquidea02, Vertige, Elayna Rexen, Z0mbiebait

Two Rares
Savarei, Diamond Tailleur, Frostingz

Three Rares
CandiceTorra, Gilean DeSoto

Four Rares
BeeQueen Smythe, Maygin, aAlliAa

Eight Rares
Jinxx12, Togli Dagger

Thirteen Rares
Fyrebird Courier

Nineteen Rares

Thirty Eight Rares



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