March Comment Winners!

Every month we reward our blog readers who take the time to leave us comments by giving them the chance to win a rare gacha item for every post published during the month.  If we post 50 blog posts that month, 50 items will be given away to lucky winners!

Here are the winners for March!

One Gacha Item
Khloe Nitely, Skylarnightmare, aAlliAa, Yumipepper, Seraph Kegel, Lilacbunni, Irispapillon, Ver0nica Okelly, Haruka Catteneo, Laylah Lecker, Jinxx12, Firebird Courier, Foux Lulu

Two Gacha Items
Kaylahny, Alan Richards, Beachy Piers, Martine Serpente, James20 Easterwood

Three Gacha Items
Cassieopeya, Krys Shamrock, Cruelskeleton69, Astry Mirabeau

Four Gacha Items
Togli Dagger

And the grand winner of 12 Gacha Items….



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