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Magical Girl Alice – The Seasons Story

If it’s your birthday, then happy birthday!  If not, then a very merry un-birthday, to you!  I’ve gone magical girl mad. The kind of mad that can only be found in Wonderland!  I’ve completely transformed into quite the flamboyant certifiable nut.  After a lengthy transformation, this girl knows that hair must be on fleek!  The hair alone is enough to diversify among the other established magical girls, to be honest.  Don’t forget the signature kawaii stars and moons; erm..totally not ripping off a different magical girl!  Please don’t sue me.

Bow: Astralia – Lolita headpiece RARE *Coming Soon* @ The Seasons Story
Hair: Beusy: “Advil” Hair *Coming Soon* @ The Seasons Story
Head: .tsg. Runa Mesh Head Vampy
Eyes: .tsg. Iris Eyes – Deep Blue
Sleeves: =Zenith=Devious Maids Shoulder (Blue)
Dress: =Zenith=Devious Maids Dress (Blue)
Cuffs: =Zenith=Devious Maids manacle (Blue)
Bag: Astralia – Lolita Moon Bag RARE *Coming Soon* @ The Seasons Story
Garter: antielle. Gluttony Garter&Stockings Set (Black)
Pose: !bang – ballerina 4 *Coming Soon* @ The Seasons Story

:Moon Amore: Flying Cards (Red)
{anc} fairyteil light field. (fire)
{anc} mist cloud [sungold]
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:dark
+Half-Deer+ Starglitter Tree (Violet Fantasy)
+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star (Gold)
+Half-Deer+ Jewel Mushroom
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vine – Black
+Half-Deer+ Deadwood Tree – Black
+Half-Deer+ Dreamscape Mushroom – Purple
HPMD* Sunlight
HPMD* Colored Bush – purple


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