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Magic to do Just For You

Magic to do 2

From the Creative Magical world of IrrISIStible–The Lady Love Gacha Set
( Maitreya Only)- Available @ Gacha Garden–
Breezy is wearing
Rare: Mesh Bodysuit- W 3 Color texture/ HUD Red Pink and Purple
Commons : Fur Leg Left &Right Arm
Fur Arm Left &Right Leg
Appliers for the gloves and stockings
Purple Boots
Purple Heart Wings
Purple Micro Skirt
Mesh lace Necklace and earing Special Bonus Gift
Spine Fur ,Purple HatBlond Hair
Taxi to Gacha Garden

Blond Hair ( one of three from IrrIsIStible Lady Love set

Pose sweet and Sassy Poses

Taxi to Gacha Garden


I am From New Babbage Victorian Steampunk in Second Life … wow over a decade there …. Breezy will 12 yrs old on October 31st in Second Life.. I am the Owner of Piermont Landing on Wheatstone and The Lotus (( Deep under The Verion Sea)) both in New Babbage. I am a blogger from 2008. Something I love to do , I loose hours and myself trying to capture the beautiful creative the Best I can.

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