Gacha,  The Gacha Garden

Little retreat


✔ “Vintage Boho Loft” –  Dreamland Designs @ Gacha Garden
–>> 2.DD Shabby Old Conservatory RARE
–>> 1.DD Vintage Boho Bed Adult ULTRA RARE
–>> 3.DD Shabby Curio Cabinet RARE
–>> 17.DD Bohemian Hanging Lantern
–>> 15.DD Shabby Wall Candle
–>> 14.DD Dark Wood Candle Rose
–>> 16.DD Wall Love Art
–>> 5.DD Rubber Plant Vase
–>> 6.Round Vintage Rug
–>> 7.Round Vibrant Boho Rug
–>> 11.DD Bohemian Table Lamp
–>> 12.DD Bohemian Table Lantern
–>> 10.DD Old Vintage Table L
–>> 4.DD Green Asperagus Plate Rare
–>> 13.DD Vintage Flowers Book
–>> 9.DD Old Vintage Table M
–>> 8.DD Old Vintage Table S
✔ “Hot Air Catloon” – Baby Sunshine @ Gacha Garden
–>> #2 Lemon
–>> SOI Patchwork
–>> #1 Rose RARE
✔ “Luminous Lotuses”- The Half Moon Market  @ Gacha Garden
–>> Pink Bouquet
–>> Floating Lamp Pink
–>> Floating Lamp White
–>> Floating Lamp Blue
–>> White Lotus Vase
–>> Pink Taper
–>> White Votive
✔ “Oasis Chandelier” –  Figure 8
✔ “Emerald Heart Candle”-  Figure 8





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  • Sigmablues

    I love the balloons as part of the decor. A stone wall does provide a very nice background for all the colors you have out 🙂

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