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Like a dream

im the boos_Amitie Sparks 01 – Add Me1

This whole outfit from AtaMe – Bossy Lady in Trouble is now on a sale at GachaLand
from glasses to brief case complete with undress Hud Photo does not even show how much fun and trouble you can get into with this darling collection !!!
Taxi to Taxi to GachaLand

LIKE A BOSS_like a dreamThere’s some wonderful gachas to play for! Enjoy yourself in a stunning setting, collect exclusive goodies by playing the machines 20 times and if you are in the Gimme Gacha Group, there’s some fabulous group gifts waiting for you from our generous creators.
Rare forAtaMe – Bossy Lady in Trouble is complete set with undress script
Taxi to GachaLand
Care Free before the Elevator Door Open
Taxi to GachaLand
Back drop and Location Back drop City
Hair from Alli and Ali Designs
Shiki Hair Blonde @ market place and New Main Store
Pose is special as it is from Amitie from Sparks fat pack called 01, find on Marketplace


I am From New Babbage Victorian Steampunk in Second Life … wow over a decade there …. Breezy will 12 yrs old on October 31st in Second Life.. I am the Owner of Piermont Landing on Wheatstone and The Lotus (( Deep under The Verion Sea)) both in New Babbage. I am a blogger from 2008. Something I love to do , I loose hours and myself trying to capture the beautiful creative the Best I can.

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