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.Life Is Just Beachy.

The first day of summer is nearly upon us and I don’t know how your weather has been, but it is HOT where I live! Heat and Sun make The Arcade Event and its Summery flair all the more desirable; I went into a total Gachaholic Frenzy, with the feel of having to enter Gacha Rehab after I was finished. Sweat upon brow and finger joints sore from clicking Arcade machines, I had high hopes of obtaining all I had come for and achieved that plus much more!

What better way to celebrate the Summer Season then with the Zaara Collection available now at the Arcade Event. Your Pixel life is just not complete for the season without the Rare Palolem beach shack and all of the psychedelic items to go along with it! Not only did the Zaara Creator make awesome Décor, but she designed some great Beach Wear/Accessories as you can see with the Arpora Fishermans Pants that I paired with U.F.O’s Ruffle Top Bikini (Also Available at the Arcade Event).

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What Gia Is Wearing:

::{u.f.o}::Bikini Vendor-Ruffle Top-Orange @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:10 Arpora Fishermans Pants-*So Spiritual* @ The Arcade


.Olive.-The Sweetpea Hair-Blondes @ The Arcade

Zaara [Goa party]:11 Retro Sunglasses-*Silver-Blue* @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:14 Baga Nosering @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:27 Friendship Bracelets @ The Arcade

Décor/Items In  2nd Photo:
Dust Bunny-Flip Flops @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Beach Towel Tote-Tribal @ The Arcade
Sari-Sari – BBQ Party – Beer Crate @ The Arcade
Trompe Loeil-Kiya Lounger Lime @ C88

Décor/Items In 3rd Photo:
Ariskea -[Porcelain]-Stack of SurfBoard @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Hanging Flower Pot-Mint @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Folding Side Table @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Costal Vases @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Coral Bottle-Blue @ The Arcade
Erratic/lsm-19. Clothing Clutter-Male @ The Arcade
-Tres Blah-Jolie-Train Case @ The Arcade
-Tres Blah-Jolie-Lotions @ The Arcade
Shi:Headphone [V2.R.B] RARE @ The Arcade
Zaara : Palolem beach shack RARE @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:Patchwork mattress *moss* @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:Shrooms [email protected] The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:Plank table @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:Poster *Eat Me* @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:Cannabis Plant @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party]:Trance Cds @ The Arcade







  • Kaiachi

    I’ve already gotten quite a few of the Zaara items from the gacha, it’s just so relaxed! But your picture convinced me that I need those pants! Perfectly embodies summer, very nice.

  • Ad0riana

    love the combination you made in the last pic with the tres blah, db and erratic… would never had imagine that psychedelic zaara set next to vanity & clutter items, but i`m absolutely nicely surprised. is true anything is worth trying…. you succeeded!

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