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Let’s Get Down To Business!

“To defeat the Huns!”  (Be A Man reference)  I bet that is totally stuck in your head right now, because it certainly has been in mine for a while now.  Awe yeah, I’m super proud for getting down as Mulan in this outfit made of gachas!  Well, except the Truth hair that is.  Anyway, what do you think of me doing some gacha outfits inspired by Disney versions of characters?  Great, yeah!?  Haha, what totally made the outfit was Cila’s YuanWu armor, for sure.  The outfit comes in three different colors as well, offering a variety of looks, which is always appreciated!

(Photo by Cila)

In addition, our diva pal, Mushu (a better view of the dragon in the picture below), definitely sold others that I dressed as Mulan.  No matter what, I’ll always see him as the Diva that he is in which Disney portrayed him..along with Eddie Murphy’s voice, because that is unforgettable!  Do you think I got as close as possible to being a Mulan impersonator?  Let me know!

(Photo by Pixicat)

Credits (what I’m wearing):
Dragon: -Pixicat- Oriental (Dragon) RARE
Hair: TRUTH Chynna – crow (not gacha)
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracer (Black)
Cape: Peqe – Cape_Red
Shoulder Armor: Cila YuanWu Warrior Shoulder Gold
Dress: Cila YuanWu Warrior Armour Gold-rare
Tights: Izzie’s Sheer Tights (not gacha)
Boots: FDD *Endless* Postapocalyptic Boots ULTRA



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