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Let It Snow

Hi everybody !

The Imaginarium opened has a few days ago, so i thought i should introdece you to this event and also show you some of the things that you can get there πŸ™‚

The Imaginarium is a new event by Gimme Gacha Productions.
This event features gachas and exclusives and also single items available at a discounted price! And if you are already glad, know that at this event some creators puts out some gifts to spoil us even more πŸ˜€

So if you still havent visited The Imaginarium , here is your Taxi , and if you already visited, comment your favoriteΒ items bellow!

See you on the next post <3Β 

The teaser of the day is :

Luas It’s Raining @The Imaginarium
Luas Its Raining Boots Pink
Luas Its Raining Open Umbrella Pink
Luas Its Raining Pullover GOI
Luas Its Raining Scarf Pink

No. Match @The Imaginarium

>Check my Flickr for more pics<



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