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Keep YOUR dreams alive!

Unicorn dreams

I live so close to the ocean in RL, I can see the waves from my house, but … we always want what we don’t have, don’t we? I want a UNICORN.. why can’t I have a unicorn? A real, living, amazing unicorn… he wouldn’t even have to be mine, but I so would love to watch him… I’d go down the cliffs and just linger under the trees and watch him stand there, peering out over the ocean…

Sometimes it is good to have dreams you know will never be achievable, because it makes the dreams that are, all that much more sweet when they materialize!

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For a visual reference of the full inventory at The Gacha Garden, check the official website and the official blog as well! 😀

The beautiful lighthouse is available at The Gacha Garden till February 29th:

22769 – Little Lighthouse – RARE

[Teegle] “Fable” the Unicorn

All the trees, flowers, fences etc: Heart – Enchanted Autumn Path with Lanterns


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