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Just get it done! Got it? – Comment to WIN A RARE!


Problems? Running out of solutions? Don’t feeling inspired? Well, get a couple of furry motivators! They can do magic! Just don’t forget, even they might be curious to inspect the content of your tool box, don’t expect them to solve the problem for you!

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hedwig apartment skybox
Available at the main store.

Data Center Gacha
Server Workstation RARE
Server Rack 2
Server Rack 1
Wall Monitor 1
Ceiling Monitor 1
Desk Monitor Multi RARE
Available at Gacha Guardians till January 31st

*paper moon*
Creator Burnout
Not Yet Burnt Out Creative Inspo Pinned
Overdrive Cup (F*ck This) RARE
Not Yet Burnt Out Creative Inspo Pile
Overdrive Laptop RARE
Not Yet Burnt Out Datebook
Available at Gacha Guardians till January 31st

Tea Ceremony
Potted Bamboo – COMMON
Available at Gacha Guardians till January 31st

Get Shit Done
Available at Gacha Guardians till January 31st

Vintage Reception Desk
Old Industrial Chair
The Broken Bicycle- wall version
Gattomiau Red
Meowix The Cat (lying)
Wood Toolbox
Available at the main store.



  • James20 Easterwood

    This post reminds me of most home offices or work stations,and around 85% of male studies, Screens with all types of stuff going on,a desk covered in paperwork the pets causing mischief while you have left the room to grab a coffee or tea, Constant little reminders of what you should have done or needs to be finished with paper tacked to the walls as little sticky post it notes,blue screen crashes with to much overloaded information,plants slightly under watered due to too much sun light,and still no where near where you should be for things to be completed.

  • SigmaBlues

    oh my… my hubby has a 4 screen set up, but…. those servers are … there are just so many of them… and the awesome little addition of the BSOD over on the right


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