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WASABI – Junco Hair @ UBER
#SHOOK – Aorian Swimsuit
PURE POISON – Alina Boots 
YOKAI – Spring Fragrance #2 “Bunny Magic Wand” Gold/Pink @ IMAGINARIUM EVENT
YOKAI – Spring Fragrance #8 “Frog MAgic Lantern” White @ IMAGINARIUM EVENT
YOKAI – Spring Fragrance #12 “Wings” White @ IMAGINARIUM EVENT
YOKAI – Spring Fragrance #17 “Flower Diadem” Gold @ IMAGINARIUM EVENT
YOKAI – Spring Fragrance #19 “Flower Moon” [Candt Path] *RARE* @ IMAGINARIUM EVENT
YOKAI – Koalas “Playing with butterflies” Choco @ SHINY SHABBY
YOKAI – Koalas “Gourmand” Albino @ SHINY SHABBY


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  1. Sigmablues

    i have seen this fantasy set up on other pictures, and they just amaze me, as this one does. I love the colors because they are so vibrant 😀

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