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JUNKFOOD hearding distancing

Herd immunity is a scenario in which so many people become resistant to a certain disease it becomes much harder for it to spread to the rest of the population.  Good Lord are you kidding me, really ????

Everyone it’s time to gradually come back out live your lives.

Adorable Bag from Junk Food at  Gacha Gardens
Hair from {Limerence}Eleonora hair RARE at Gacha Gardens
Balloons from !ETF! Eptic Toy Factory
Mask and hud from MarketPlace

Taxi to Gacha Gardens 


I am From New Babbage Victorian Steampunk in Second Life … wow over a decade there …. Breezy will 12 yrs old on October 31st in Second Life.. I am the Owner of Piermont Landing on Wheatstone and The Lotus (( Deep under The Verion Sea)) both in New Babbage. I am a blogger from 2008. Something I love to do , I loose hours and myself trying to capture the beautiful creative the Best I can.

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