It’s time to sleep


So, pick up one of the coffins, lay down and let the mist to be your blanket. And I’ll sing you a nice vampirean lullaby.

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Moonlight Shadow
Gravewdigger Stuff
“Moon_Sha” Autumn Ferns
“Moon_Sha” Floating Autumn Leaves
“Moon_Sha” Fog
“Moon_Sha” Fallen Straw
“Moon_Sha” Fallen Autumn Leaves
“Moon_Sha” Coffins Cart
“Moon_Sha” Straw Bales & Pumpkins
“Moon_Sha” Straw Bales & Coffin
“Moon_Sha” Coffin 2 (Only Deco)
“Moon_Sha” Coffin 3 (Only Deco)
“Moon_Sha” Coffin 1 (Only Deco)
Available at GachaLand till October 31th

Other credits:

Death Row Designs
The reanimator gacha
1 – DRD – The Reanimator – Tower – RARE c/m

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