Interview with Culprit – Sponsor of The Gacha Garden

Continuing our Sponsor Spotlight Interviews, Dem got to sit down with Eku Zhong, the amazing creator of Culprit. Culprit have put out a ton of amazing work, with items to cover many categories from furniture and homes, through to animals and even amusement park rides. They never cease to amaze and we have no doubt their set at The Gacha Garden will continue the awesome!! Read on to see the interview and get a look into their world.

Dem: What inspired Culprit?

Eku: “Whos the most guilty?  I am the culprit.”  Re-branded from no brand and ditched the full perm market to start Culprit.

Dem: Do you participate in other creative outlets inside of SL?

Eku: Professional ceramic artist prior to Second Life eight to nine years ago.  Yure (SL partner), visited one day and introduced Second Life and began making sculptures.  Second Life is a big creative outlet.

Dem: Gacha related, do you have an absolutely favorite one you won’t sell or trade?

Eku: I don’t really shop in second life, since I’m usually making stuff.  “I believe gacha is something special and different.  The items should at least be worth 5x the spin; especially the rare. The more that are out there, the less special they are.  I just retire the machine to keep the gacha sets special.”

Dem: What was it like for you to do your first gacha set?

Eku: It was for The Arcade and was a nightmare, but I had fun with it.

Dem: Do you have any funny/memorable SL stories (the naughtier culprit)?

Eku: We would sit around hippy/pay for lindens and at the end of the day he would ask what did you make?  He’d have 120 lindens, I had 13.  Then I ended up dancing at Orgy Island; they said they’d hire me as a stripper and would hire any friends that I had.  I turned Yure into a sexy blond nurse, because he’s a guy.  The guys in my IMs didn’t talk dirty, they just wanted to talk about their life.  We ended up being banned because we made more money than the sexy girls.  That’s why Yure has stayed in a girl avatar since.

Dem: If you had a spirit animal, then what would it be?

Eku: A horse or Unicorn.

Dem: Was there ever a time when you made something you loved so much that you never set out for sale?  If so, would you ever in the future?

Eku: Yes and no.  Made a box with Totoro after getting permission from Jubilee studios, but Disney had rights. Sometimes I make things and forget about them. lol

Dem: Is there any advice you’d like to share to those aspiring to become a creator?

Eku: Have fun.  I think that’s the most important thing.  Yes sometimes it becomes a job and you have to do this and that; it gets tiriing.  If you’re having fun and doing what you love, then it’s not that difficult.  Having fun is relatively easy.  Don’t give a shit about what everyone else thinks.  You can study economics and customer service, but if it’s fun then you can’t go wrong.

Dem: What is the longest you’ve gone without sleep?

Eku: 3 and a half days during the holidays and started to feel faint when we first started Second Life.  When making a gacha we don’t sleep for 2 days.  Not really the creations, but making sure the boxing and perms are correct during setup.

Be sure to come checkout Culprit’s latest work at The Gacha Garden opening February 1st!


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