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I Feel Good…..

I feel good with a cup of coffee surrounded by music, friends, thoughts of photos and creativity. Today I thought about how Second Life has impacted my life and in so many ways it has brought many things out of me that were already there and in use, but enhanced me. I have seen friends come and go-I have seen people fall in love in Second Life and then deal with a broken heart-I have dealt with the lying ninjas of the internet or should we call them Catfish?

All in all, Second Life has let me bring some RL hobbies and Interests in and do them virtually, even if I am in a cute pair of house pants, T-shirt and a messy bun while in RL-Who needs to dress up to log into Second Life, Right?? I am able to create my own little safe world that I know how to navigate all too well and I enjoy every bit of creating it.

Ohhhh the calming effects Second Life can give me when I have the time to sit and soak it all in. I am definitely the Queen of AFK, but once back I got that Gacha addiction in mind and the need to share my finds with the people of the grid. Take this teleport to find great resells of some of the things you see in this photo:

What Gia Is Wearing:
Pure Poison-Fringe Flat Sandals ((NoN-Gacha~I ADORE These Sandals!!))
Zenith-Bustier Skirt (Vintage Rose) & Tea Time Handbag-RARE @ The Season’s Story

Décor Within Photos:
ANC-Garden Soda
Apple Fall-Retro Radio
Glam Affair-Stored Cups
HIDEKI-Bar Counter
HIDEKI-“Feel Good” Neon Sign
HIDEKI-Small Bar Stool
HIDEKI-Bar Table
HIDEKI-Guitar Wall Decor
HIDEKI-Photo Booth
Sari-Sari-Mrs. Bumpkin’s Garden-Garden Sink-RARE @ The Season’s Story
Sari-Sari-Cafe Happy-Cafe Latte
Toiz-Bucket Pot (Orange) & (Yellow) @ The Season’s Story
Toiz Dirt Boots Pot-RARE @ The Season’s Story
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania-Raspberry Cake
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania – Chocolate Cake
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania – Raspberry Heart
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania – Macarons
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Agenda-RARE
Vespertine-Mochi Bar Ketchup-RARE
Vespertine-Harajuku Bench
Vespertine-Forever Sign
Vespertine-Healing Garden Building-RARE
Vespertine-Record Shelf/Floor Unit
Vespertine-Record Wall Shelf



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