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How Quaint

How Quaint

Comment for a chance to WIN A RARE GACHA!!

Another round of Gachaland by Gimmie Gacha Productions has started while another round of Boardwalk is coming to an end. Make sure to visit both to get in some quality shopping!

Artisan Fantasy

The Cabin Gacha Available @ Gachaland

This gacha is a 15 piece set ranging in prims from 2-79 . I have taken several images of the different items that makeup this set.( Be sure to check my blog link after the credits to view them.) This reminds me of some of the little vacation cabins you see in the Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg area of TN!!   On the outside you are seeing the following items from the set.

*AF* The Cabin 01 – Cabin RARE

*AF* The Cabin 07 – Porch Chair

*AF* The Cabin 08 – Side Table

*AF* The Cabin 09 – Basil Chamber Pot

*AF* The Cabin 11 – Cabin Rug 2

*AF* The Cabin 12 – Hanging Lantern

*AF* The Cabin 13 – Welcome Sign

*AF* The Cabin SOI – Lanterns on Barrel

Tm Creations

[Spring Moments]- Nature Scene – Available @ Boardwalk

This beautiful decor item serves 2 purposes. One as you can see it is so pretty and fits perfectly in with the scene. However, the secondary purpose is a place you can sit and relax. This scene comes with animations! Also, it is able to be edited as I have done here in the image. You can de-link items and copy them to use as more decor! Win win!

Little Branch

Little Branch- Mesh Apple Tree

Little Branch- 4 Seasons Mesh Cedar Tree

Little Branch- 4 Seasons Mesh Conifer Tree

Little Branch- Oak Grass- Spring Version


From the Cluckingham Palace Gacha Set

TLC Chicken Gacha 2 RARE

TLC Chicken Gacha 4 Common

TLC- Chicken Gacha 6 Common 

TLC Chicken Gacha 11 Common 

TLC Chicken Gacha 5 Common

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