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Herbology – Wizarding Faire 2015 – Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

Hello, everyone!  Don’t tell Professor Sprout that I’ve been sneaking into the green house unsupervised.  We’ll keep it between us like true cool kids.  Eh hehh..  I mean, if it’s alright with you, I’d appreciate help in fixing my hair back to normal.  It seems that I went and turned it into a plant by accident.  Don’t tell the Professor, pretty please?  O.W.L.s are just around the corner and I wanted to be sure that my knowledge for mandrake —  What?  Oh thank goodness you stopped me!  I don’t have my ear muffs on or gloves.  Talk about becoming deaf.  I’m so going to fail..

Hahahaha!  That was too fun.  In case you were wondering, The Wizarding Faire is just around the corner, opening July 12, so be sure to check out all the Harry Potter fangirls/fanboys go nuts over the next handful of weeks, screaming, “Expecto Patronum!!”  A big sneak peek that I wanted to share with you guys was Orange Original’s Herbology Gacha.  You’ll have all your basic needs to start up your own Herbology class!  Hope to see you at The Wizarding Faire!

Hair: Blues. Nessa – FATPACK *NEW* – Coming soon @ The Seasons Story
Dress: !TLB – House Pride Dress/Lion/ *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
Wand: [KRAVE/Strike it] Fantasy Wand Eternia Pink *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
Tights: Izzie’s – Sheer Tights
Pose: Kirin – Fun at the Beach Pose Pack *NEW* – Coming soon @ The Seasons Story

[Toiz] Witch house rare *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
*HEXtraordinary* Carniverous Geranium *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
*HEXtraordinary* Flutterfly Bush – Blue *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
*HEXtraordinary* Venomous Tentacle Vine *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
O*PPP – Herbs and mushrooms collection bucket *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
O*PPP – Trowel *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
(O*O) – Potted baby mandrake 2 *NEW* – Coming Soon @ Wizarding Faire
Psy Party Tapestry – Holographic *NEW* Coming Soon @ OH My Gacha!
Apt B // Douze Roses – Cabinet RARE
floorplan.&Willow. astrology chart chalkboard
*AF* Herbals – Step Ladder Warm
*AF* Herbals – Step Ladder Weathered
*AF* Herbals – Oils & Creams 1
*AF* Herbals – Herb Shelf Warm
*AF* Herbals – Herb Shelf Weathered
.a i s l i n g. Herbalist Worktable
[Decoy] Holdable Gummy Bear – Harry Bearer RARE
junk. apothecary chest.



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