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Gotta Make That Money……

How else do you think I earn that money to participate in so many Gacha Events?
Well, it looks like my first customer is Bella Gacha’s very own Manager and Gimme Gacha Head Blogger, Demetra Holtz!
I want to thank you for all of your patience with me while setting some things up and taking the photos, you’re a champ Dem! Here’s to not spilling that Strawberry Milkshake!

Yea, I like a bit of coffee as I clean. *Looks around and hopes her Boss doesn’t catch her*
★Don’t Forget To Come On Down To The Bella Gacha Neighborhood To Find Some Of These Awesome Gacha Items-Grad A Gimme Gacha Hud While You Are At It To Increase Your Chance To Find That Gacha Item!★

What Gia is Wearing:
.random.Matter.-Pond Heels-Onyx @ The Kawaii Project Event
Sweet Thing-Classic Maid Cafe Uniform 1 @ The Kawaii Project Event

What Dem Is Wearing:
Mikunch-Canvas Shoes White ((Non-Gacha))
Noodles-Sailor Hair Bow Jupiter (Previous Gacha Event)
Offbeat-Real Mine-School Uniform 02 Long (Previous Gacha Event)
TRUTH HAIR-Posy ((Non-Gacha))

Décor Within The Photos:
8f8-Vintage Birds II-Mister Chevron
8f8-La Petite Joie Cafe-Cigarettes SECRET
8f8-La Petite Joie Cafe-Menu Board-Sweets
Dust Bunny
-Tea Pot-Color Change
Dust Bunny-Toaster-Color Change
[Fetch]-Treat Neons-Cake
Floorplan-Newspaper Machine/Hot Pink
HIDEKI-Bar Table
HIDEKI-Magazine Shelf
HIDEKI-Bar Counter
HIDEKI-Menu Sign
HIDEKI-Bread Shelf B
:Moon Amore:-The Sacred Sabana RARE
Scarlet Creative
-Love Blinds Wide Open (Previous Arcade Gacha)
Second Spaces-Ready to Bake-Mixing Bowls
.:Standby Inc.-CH Gatcha-Extra Cup (Small)
.:Standby Inc.-CH Gatcha-Extra Cups
.:Standby Inc.-Industrial Fan (Baby)
.:Standby Inc.-Instant Coffee-Italian Roast
.:Standby Inc.-Instant Coffee-Caramel
.:Standby Inc.
-Instant Coffee-Mocha 1
.:Standby Inc.-Coffee House Gatcha-Table
.:Standby Inc.-CH Gatcha-Portable Espresso Machine (Sun)
Stockholm & Lima-Bacon Cheeseburger Plate RARE
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Paper Pile
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Magazines
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania-Macarons
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania-Pastry Puffs
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Refreshments
What Next-Spring Clean Mop and Bucket
What Next-Cafe Kitchen 1-Coffee
Vespertine-Harajuku Chair
Vespertine-Harajuku Table



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