Give No Ducks…

Give NO Ducks

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Life is so much more fun when we stop caring and just have have fun. Promagic did it right with this carefree street artist inspired gacha called Jess. Now available at Gachaland Jess comes with all the things you need to let out your inner artist. Made for Maitreya Jess has a ton of pieces sure to inspire you with the ripped denim skirt and cute top to the backpack of paint cans and the holdable spray paint and so much more.
BackBones Vending Machines now at Level are a fun unique way to let out your sense of humor. 

Promagic ~ Jess ~ @ Gachaland
(pieces used)
*PROMAGIC* Jess-Choker-3
*PROMAGIC* Jess-Spraycan-3
*PROMAGIC* Jess-Shoes-10
*PROMAGIC* Jess-Top-1
*PROMAGIC* Jess-HeadphonePOuch
*PROMAGIC* Jess-Skirt

Demicorn ~ Gaia Eyes ~ @ Gachaland
(pieces used)
{Demicorn} Gaia Eyes – Sky

Other Designers:
Body ~ Maitreya ~Lara
Head ~ Catwa ~ Catya
Skin & Makeup ~ Pink Fuel ~ Adeline (hazel)
Hair ~  Limerence ~ Nikol (B&W)
Graffiti Backdrop ~ Crate ~ The  A Line Sofa Red

BackBone ~ Vending Machines ~ @ Level
(pieces used)
BackBone Vending Machine – Out of Fucks to give
BackBone Vending Machine – Choose your Mood



I love finding new exciting things in SL


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