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Qzxr was here!

This round of Gacha Garden is FULL of things, lovely things, awesome things, FUN things … it has been an almost impossible task to decide what to blog, and I would have blogged ALL the things if I had the time to do so, but alas RL is full of things that need to be handled too, and internet has been a bit borked, hence the title of this post! hehehe

I do hope you enjoy this blog pic. It was great fun setting it up and I figured I would use the computer screens on it to add in even more of the things in this post, since the screens allow you to do so in an easy way.

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Check out the event’s flickr too! Gimme Gacha Flickr.
For a visual reference of the full inventory at The Gacha Garden, check the official website and the official blog as well! πŸ˜€

The following things are all available at The Gacha Garden till February 29th:

The eyes: {Demicorn} Kovich Eyes – Jewel (Catwa)
The tattoo: { Speakeasy } Simplicity gacha : 6.

The gaming setup:
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Monitor
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Pc Case RARE
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Mic
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Speaker
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Headset Stand
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Keyboard
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Mouse
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Table
Rassuel – Republic Of Gamers – Gamer Seat

The house etc:
[Since1975] Industrial Loft – SOI
[Since1975] Industrial Loft – Books
[Since1975] Industrial Loft – Rug
[Since1975] Industrial Loft -Multipurpose Curtain
[Since1975] Industrial Loft – Low Seat

The green doll: BananaN – 06 DOLLIE – PLANTY
The music jar: So Silly Loving Music Jar – Moon River RARE
The heart shaped cookies on a stick: The Half Moon Market – Cookie Pops
The heart shaped cookies on a plate: The Half Moon Market – Cookie Platter

*HEXtraordinary* Sexy Fun Time Bunnies – REZ or ADD
[Kres] Gamer Neons – 12 – C/M
[Kres] Gamer Neons – 8 – C/M

The ears: .random.Matter. – Iseul Ears – Elfie
The clothes: !PCP :: Rachael [Polar Bears] – Pink Cream Pie
The coffee: Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
The breedable horse on the left screen: Wild Kajarea valentines day limited edition Mustang – I got this from my friend bb2point0’s place here.
All the vegetation in that picture is from Heart.

The body: Maitreya Lara
The head: Catwa Catya


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