Gimme Gacha Productions: Creator Application

If you are a creative, hard working, positive and super motivated individual with a flair for design then you may be exactly what we are looking for! 


After nearly 4 years in the event world we have discovered that many of the biggest brands in SL some times use templates purchased outside of the game or hire out the work of meshing and rigging to 3rd parties while they only handle the textures themselves. Which is exactly what large businesses and Fashion Houses do in the real world! When you purchase a Louis Vuitton it was not Louis himself that designed the bag, cut the leather, sewed it together and delivered it to your door. He died in 1892, so it would be kind of hard! 

Instead Creative Directors work with a talented design teams and skilled manufacturers to collectively bring you beautiful new items for purchase. Which is exactly what so many wonderful brands within SL do!  After all, there really are not that many ways to make a pair of leggings when cutting the fabric but there are endless ways to design the fabric and details! 

So if your store offers beautiful items our community would love, if you can adhere to strict schedules and you are ready to become part of the Gimme Gacha family of Creators we want to hear from you! 

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