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Interview with unKindness for The Gacha Garden SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT!

unkindness-logo-300x298Dem: First I would like to really thank you, Jamie, for taking the time to do this interview.  My name is Dem and unKindness has really stood out for me since the first round of The Gacha Garden.  Your Old Americana Drive In Theater gacha set was super creative.

Jamie: Thank you!

Dem: All creators start somewhere; what was it like starting up unKindness?

Jamie: Originally when I came to SL I was doing a clothing and accessory store. But I just wasn’t feeling very inspired. It felt forced to me. I’ve always loved homes and furniture, it was something I’d always wanted to do here, but never felt confident enough to try. After a while though, I just felt like I was at a total standstill, and decided to rebrand, and connect my store to my husband’s shop, 7mad;Ravens, but to become the furniture side, so unKindness was born.

Dem: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Jamie: I’ve been a content creator since about 2007. Though I spent most my time on IMVU. I only learned meshing fairly recently, and am still growing in that process. My business partner, Poe, is also my husband, we met online, and eventually brought it to real life and have been together for 9 years now. So yes, it can happen! lol. Um, other than that. I just love to explore, and to shop, and put as much back into Second Life as I get out of it.

Dem: What was the first thing you ever made for Second Life?  Was it a win or fail?

Jamie: Sadly, I don’t remember the first thing I ever made for SL, but I have no doubt it was a fail, because it was still all scuplties back then. However, we do love telling the story of Poe building this hair.. if you can call it a hair.. and it’s a tragic thing to behold. No words could ever truly explain…

Dem: Do you have a favorite gacha set that you’d never ever trade or sell?

Jamie: I’m a huge 8f8 fan, so I covet those things. This last arcade though, that Vespertine Rabbit hole shop collection? It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the whole set. I’m all about the furniture gachas. Our whole house is decorated in them.

Dem: Was there ever a time when you made something you loved so much that you never set out for sale?  If so, would you ever in the future?

Jamie: The more I love something the more I want to share it. Though I am particular about when and how I do it. The Americana set was actually made way before The Gacha Garden event, and was intended for three other events I decided NOT to release it for, because it just didn’t feel right to me for those particular events. I think it came out when it was time to, and worked out great, because the concession stand seed of inspiration was a last minute addition, and turned out working with it seamlessly.

Dem: What is the longest you’ve gone without sleep?  Creators can have such busy schedules!

Jamie: Oh wow. Lol. Poe and I are notorious for booking ourselves like crazy between both shops, having every intention of getting done early, only to get overbooked with our full time jobs, and then end up sick on top of it. So we’ve had weeks where we’ve slept in an hour or two intervals every couple days just trying to get everything done. Our real life work was running us from like 8am to 11pm, then we would be creating from 11pm to 3am or later, and starting all over, 7 days a week. It was exhausting. But we’re really proud of the things we’ve accomplished so far, and want to continue working hard to meet our goals here.

Dem: Are there any activities you take part in outside of creating within Second Life?

Jamie: We love to explore, and we live in the mountains, so hiking is a big thing. We’re both big into nature, and into animals. So there are some nature preserves and stuff we love to visit and just run around at. Or history things. I’m a huge war buff, and am always interested in museums and memorials and things of that sort.

Dem: Is there any advice you’d like to share to those aspiring to become a creator?

Jamie: Do it for the right reasons. Do it because you love to build, and to create, and to see that end product or you’ll never be happy with this, and it’ll show in the work you do. I think a lot of people start stores expecting to make a huge turn over right from the start, and make it into these big events we all go sparkle eyed over. If you build with only that as your focus, and not your creative outlet as your focus you’ll just get impatient and frustrated. All of this takes time. Don’t get discouraged, don’t be intimidated by all those big named shops you’ve been seeing around here for years. They all started at the bottom and worked their way up, and most are willing to give a leg up or advice when they see that you are trying hard, and your passion reflects in your work.

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