Gacha Garden Preview: Demon Night Parade – Comment to win a RARE Gacha! (ends 09/01)

spirit parade color

Legend has it that “every year the yokai Nurarihyon, will lead all of the yōkai through the streets of Japan during summer nights.” Anyone who comes across the procession would perish or be spirited away by the yōkai, unless protected by handwritten scrolls by anti-yokai onmyoji spellcasters. It is said that only an onmyoji clan head is strong enough to pass Nurarihyon’s Hyakki Yagyo unharmed. (I totally just watched Nurarikyon no Mago :D)

Props by NAMINOKE:
All at the Gacha Garden right now!!!!

On Soren:
Mesh Body & Head:
<Utilizator> Venus Head
<Utilizator> Kemono
Rei’s Stuff – Chest for Kemono Beta 1.1
Hair: [e] Studio – Black (No longer available)
Skin Applier: ::Hirapuffs:: Oni Cosplay Skin Kemono
Eye Applier: ::Hirapuffs:: Denomic Eye
Dress: [SnF] Mahou Miko Shiawase Dress Rei’s (Happiness)
Lantern: [Delirious] Fairy Lantern
Ears: <Utilizator> Kemono Ears
Tail: Dimensional – Kitsune Set
Book: [Delirious] Naga Vision
Nails: [NI.JU] Kemono Nails
Pose: SP-003 Static Pose (Fantasy) – Kuso



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