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Flat Share – Dreamland Design – Oubliette

Flat Share

You can see all details on my flickr or you can follow my new
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      Dreamland Design _ Meriadne Gacha

3.DD Meriadne Blanket Ladder RARE
9.DD Meriadne Indian Wall Rug
12.DD Palm Basket

11.DD Palm Basket

17.DD Meriadne Lamp

15.DD Meriadne Golden Candle M

16.DD Meriadne Golden Candle S

14.DD Old Antique Desk

DD Meriadne Morrocan Lamp GOI

8..DD Indian Art Frame

2.DD Green Asperagus Plate RARE

4.DD Snakeplant Giraffe

5.DD Meriadne Metal Table

6.DD Meriadne Tassled Rug

available @ Gachaland Event

Oubiliette – LUX Home Decor Gacha

Oubliette- COPY Lux Refurbished Pipe Daybed

Oubliette- COPY Lux Blue Moroccan Lamp

Oubliette- COPY Lux Lavender Moroccan Lamp

Oubliette- COPY Lux Decoupage Cabinet

Oubliette- COPY Lux Ottoman & Scarf

Oubliette- COPY Lux Journal & Wine

Oubliette- COPY Lux Candlestick Tall

Oubliette- COPY Lux Candlestick Short

Oubliette- COPY Lux Gramophone

available @ Gachaland July 2019

available @ Gachaland Event




  • Sigmablues

    There definitely is a lot going on in this picture… A LOT…. So many things to look at, all of which are super awesome to look at. Great work on this

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