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Easter Pandas

Easter Pandas

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I love pandas.. like seriously I have a minor obsession lol. I have panda socks.. stuffed pandas… if we go into all the panda stuff I have on sl y’all would probably tell me I need panda rehab! 

For me, I just love to make cute scenes at times. This time I felt the need to shove the adorable pandas in with Easter eggs. Yes I know they love bamboo but, maybe they are bamboo eggs? :p

We are in the midst of Gachaland by Gimmie Gacha Productions and a new round of Swank. So much to get your hands on to decor your homes with!!! Ready to drop some lindens?!!!

 Anyways, time for details!!


From the Springtime Serenity Gacha set available @ Gachaland

22769 – Ruined Garden Folly  – RARE

22769 – Broken Column – COMMON

22769 – Stone Bench – COMMON

22769 – Garden Light – COMMON

22769 – Whimsical Garden Lantern  – GOG


irrISIStible – Precious Mesh Easter Eggs- There are 10 different styles of these beautiful eggs. They can be found @ Swank

irrISIStible- Easter Garden Skybox- This pretty skybox is only 83 prims and would be perfect if you are wanting to maybe do a little easter egg hunt. This is an older release and can be found at the main store location.

[Rezz Room]

All of these adorable little guys can be found @ Belle Event. They can be purchased separately or in a full pack. 

[Rezz Room] Baby Panda Sleep

[Rezz Room] Baby Panda Play

[Rezz Room] Baby Panda Scratching

[Rezz Room] Baby Panda Eat

[Rezz Room] Baby Panda Sit


TLC Panda Adult Laying on rock



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