Dem’s Birthday Bash @ The Gacha Garden

Gimme Da Bunny Butt!Today is a very special day! Its special for lots of reasons. Today is the last day of The Gacha Garden’s Autumn Round….its the last day of November….its a Monday… ok well maybe not special because its a Monday that may be going a bit far but you get the idea hehe. However what makes today truly special is really none of those things. What makes today truly special is our very own Dem’s Birthday! Many of you will know Dem as our adorably quirky and often times pink Lead Blogger here on, some will know her as the ever vigilant and on task Girl Friday for The Gacha Garden and some of you may be new and not know her at all. And then there are those that are lucky enough to know her the way I do…as a wonderful friend, confident and member of the family! Today we celebrate Dem and all that makes her so awesome, which is ALOT! And I would like to invite each and everyone of you to join me at The Gacha Garden tonight for her Birthday Bash! We will have tons of prizes, games and Live Music! Presents are optional, your presence is enough! The party will begin at 9pm SLT!

Birthday Bash Activities!

  • Cute in Kawaii Contest – Dress in your most adorable, colorful and kawaii clothes for a chance to win L$5000! The contest will be open to all men, women and children!
  • Dem’s Trivial Pursuit – Dem is most entertaining Trivia host EVER and tonight she will testing party goers on their knowledge! The winners will receive special gifts, gachs and cash prizes!
  • Live Music & Dancing – The party will feature TurnUpTheBass, one of the best DJs in SL, spinning original mixes and taking your requests.

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