Dango in the morning…


 Nomnomnom :3

Eyes: Buzz – Voodoo Eyes
Hair: [e] Sound (not sold anymore)
Horns: [D]oki – Devil horns – White Lucky Coin UNCOMMON (Ai Gacha Event)
Bow: Primus – Gremium Bow
Staff: [Tia] Empress Staff – ULTRA RARE (Old gacha)
Top: Wrap Bustier
Gloves: Arise – Long Gloves
Corset: :[P]: – Kaelyns Corset
Skirt: -Pixicat- Foo.ArmorBottom
Nose Piercing: *Soonsiki~ New age septum ring
Dango – [CX] Mitarashi Dango (free group gift at CX)

Sim::.Revolution Outlaws.:-Water Haven



  • Kaiachi

    Wow, the asian influence in that outfit really brings it out of the woodwork, and the staff is great! I’m gonna have to jump around some yardsales to find some of those pieces. haha

  • Kanin

    I love.. love this outfit. When I saw that some of the stuff isn’t sold anymore or that they’re old I was like OMG NOOOO… Haha It’s very good and I really like it.

  • Ad0riana

    I never heard of dangos before. My bad, they look delicious. The outfit is stunningly set up. I do wish you`d take your pics just a tad lighter, they go very dark against the white blog backgroud. however, you did raised in me some curiosity on checking japanese stuff… i might give it a try… Thankies!

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