Gacha,  Second Life

Creative Flood Warning


Hide your feenecs, hide your gachas!  The flood will carry them away or you will get carried away.  I totally got carried away here, because I didn’t listen to ANY of the warnings.  “A unicorn must’ve exploded all kinds of bodily fluids in here!” is what some of my friends would say.  Oh gosh, fennecs swimming in unicorn fluids sounds super gross, but let’s hope it pulls off in a cute way instead!

So what inspired me to go full unicorn vomit?  Toiz’s broken gacha set (shown below) that you can totally play at Shiny Shabby.  All the dreary items really stand out to what I’m used to collecting (rainbow vomit), so I figured I’d try to make it look like I flooded my room and some stuff just got damaged in the process.  Something to do with the phases of the moon and high tide.  Yeah, this photo totally makes sense.  Eh heh..heh.. *SMILE*

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: [BURLEY]_Babs_II_Dips *NEW* @ Mainstore
Top: GizzA – Vicky Tank Blouse [Mango] *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
Bottom: !APHORISM! – Montmartre Shorts – Grey *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: {Reverie} Soho Sandals – Vintage *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
Tattoo: antielle. Moon Bastet + Kitty Infusion *NEW* @ The Kawaii Project
Pose: !bang – sit 023M *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby

<:*BoOgErS*:> MatryoFlo Poster
Fancy Decor: Lunar Tapestry (not gacha) *NEW* @ IDK
+Half-Deer+ (don’t cry over) Spilled Paint – Stars *NEW* @ Kustom9
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Kawaii *NEW* @ Kustom9
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Rollover *NEW* @ Kustom9
[Brixley] star wall plank (not gacha) *NEW* @ IDK
Zaara [Goa party] : Patchwork mattress *moss* @ The Arcade
Zaara [Goa party] : Plank table @ The Arcade
N4RS Godiva Apples *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] white broken skybox Rare *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] fade out trash can *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] broken mirror *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] ripped memo board *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] can rosemary *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] sad diary *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] droop plant *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
[Toiz] broken tv *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
Tentacio help me (cat) *NEW* @ The Kawaii Project
Sari-Sari – Art Class – DIY Spray Paint
08 .: vive atelier :. Artists Paint Brush Jar
12 .: vive atelier :. Artists Used Paint Tubes



  • Kaiachi

    Oh my gosh those Fennec Foxes! They’re one of my favorite animals (my own kitten has ears ALMOST as big, I swear!). And I pretty much want the whole broken gacha set, but the TV beats it all for me! Great job with your picture, it’s lovely!

  • Ad0riana

    well you can always blame it on the fennecs & the moon…that makes perfect sense :)> very cool pic on so many levels, could stay watching it long time and still discover smth new about it… i’m still looking for a hidden unicorn somewhere in there :))

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