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You can see all details on my flickr or you can follow my new Instagram. Maybe you want to have a look at detail pics @  Lilly.Goes.Fashion.Blog?

-FABIA- Hair Gacha <Vita / Vitalina> –
current Gacha Garden Event

FABIA- Gacha <Adel> Swimsuit
NANIKA – Ruby Gacha Set
NANIKA – Ruby Stockings RARE-1 – Maitreya
NANIKA – Ruby Tulips (addon) RARE-1 Maitreya
current Gacha Garden Event

[Since1975] Candy Gacha
[Since1975] Candy House RARE 
(It is a really huge house build with chocolate and waffles)
[Since1975] Lollipops – Decor
[Since1975] Makaron
[Since1975] IceCream Stool-Caramel
[Since1975] IceCream Stool-Strawberry
[Since1975] Choclate Shaggy Rug
[Since1975] Candy Bench
[Since1975] Ice Cream lamps
current Gacha Garden Event 



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