❀ Gimme Gacha Trade Group Rules ❀

❀ The Gimme Gacha group is NOT a spam group for random advertisements. Our group is meant to be used by our community as a social hub. A place where we can come together with other Gacha enthusiasts to discuss events, amazing finds and to trade.
❀ Members MAY
→ Use the group to connect to other Gacha enthusiasts and have fun discussing their Gacha obsessions!
→ Send chat links to their trade lists! (please no more than one trade link per hour)
→ Share information on current gacha or other shopping events.
→ Have fun, make friends and become apart of the family!

❀ Members may NOT
→ Use the group to threaten, abuse or otherwise defame others.
→ Advertise yard sales or sim wide events.
→ Spam the group with ads for their shops (this includes links to marketplace shops), groups or personal blogs.
→ Attempt to circumvent our rules by suggesting or instructing others check their profile for links to the marketplace or in world store.

❀ Gimme Gacha Shopkeepers MAY
→ Send SLurls to their Gimme Gacha Shop Location! (please no more than one ad per hour)
Please note that our Shopkeepers can ONLY send links to their Gimme Gacha Shop. No other location.

❀ Group Admins MAY
→ Be awesome, adorable and spectacular dressers.
→ Make calls on issues as they arise if they are not specifically covered by the rules.

Group Admins
If you have an issue or question please contact one of our Admins.
→ Jordan Whitt
→ Fukuju Amaterasu
→ Alessia Rodeyn

If you have an issue with an Admin please send a message to BOTH Meeka Sihtu & Ex0dus Montagne.
If you do not hear back within 24 hours please message again!


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