Gimme Gacha Chat Group Rules


The Gimme Gacha group founded in 2014 with the idea of creating a positive and welcoming environment for the ever growing population of Gacha lovers around the grid. Now 5 years later we are the LARGEST event related group in Second Life with more than 25,000 members! If you are interested in joining our group then first please take a moment to read over our chat rules below.

  • We have a ZERO tolerance policy for abuse towards our Staff, Creators, Events or Community Members. This group may NOT be used to threaten, abuse, put down, insult or otherwise defame others. We DO NOT allow the negativity. If you have an issue handle it person to person.
  • This group may NOT be used for advertising links to yard sales or shops outside of the 3 Gimme Gacha Shops Regions.
  • NO more than ONE ad post per hour.
  • Absolutely NO marketplace links allowed in group chat.
  • NO self promotion. You may not share links to other groups, blogs, resale locations, stores etc.
  • Any attempt at circumventing our rules by suggesting or instructing others check profiles, note cards or or “send an IM” for links or information not otherwise allowed will result in an INSTANT BAN. 

If you need to report an issue or ask a question please contact one of our friendly Chat Moderators:

If you need to speak to some one in Management please contact the fabulous Jordan Whitt

If you need to turn Jordan in for being naughty, because lets face it, Jordan is a bad girl… please contact the Gimme Gacha Owners:
Meeka Sihtu & Ex0dus Montagne

Now that you have read the rules are you ready to join? Then CLICK HERE!