Break Time = Beach Time


Time to take a break from all the testing I’ve been doing at The Gacha Guardians! We are so close to opening! Are you guys getting excited yet?

<3 you all! ~Meeka

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FEATURE ITEMS – All coming to you soon at the Gacha Guardians opening July 1st!

Bikini –
Entice – Surf City Bra – Aqua – Common 1 Maitreya
Entice – Surf City Panties – PInk – Common 13 Maitreya

Drink –
AsteroidBox. Yeoleum Gacha // Blue Slush

Decor Items-
LAGOM – Summertime Drift – Beach Towel 2 [10]
LAGOM – Summertime Drift – Cuddlespot [13]
LAGOM – Summertime Drift – Beachbag [04]
LAGOM – Summertime Drift – Deco flipflops [08]
LAGOM – Summertime Drift – Beachbag 2 [05]

[V/W] RadioCube Blue
[V/W] Beer Bottles Bucket
[V/W] Elegant Pool Umbrella

Bella Pointe Rentals!


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