Early Access For Bloggers

.::Gimme Blogger Support::. is a new group created by the people behind events like The Gacha Garden! It is designed to offer bloggers of all experience and status levels support, information and early access for the Gimme Gacha Production Events!

Members will enjoy the following benefits!

  • First chance at applying for open spots in the OFFICIAL Gimme Event Blogger group!
  • Early Access to The Gacha Garden, The Imaginarium and The Gacha Guardians!
  • Information and support regarding Gimme Gacha Productions events!
  • Access to a community of kind and helpful bloggers!

Please note that this group is NOT for official bloggers so members will NOT receive blogger packs from our events. This group is strictly for Early Event Access, Support and Information for the Gimme Gacha Production events.


To Join please contact Meeka Sihtu or Jordan Whitt with a link to your blog!


  • You must have an active blog that has been active for a minimum of 3 months.
  • You must be kind, courteous and helpful to your fellow community members.
  • We do not allow negative, nasty or defaming comments. If you cannot say anything
    nice then please do not say anything at all.
  • When Early Access Events are opened to the group you must follow all Early Access
  • Rules, respect the Event Organizers and respect the Creators involved.
  • Failure to follow group rules will result an immediate ejection and ban from the group.
  • Failure to follow Early Access Rules will result an immediate ejection and ban from the
    group as well as a permanent ban from Gimme Gacha Production Events.