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Beware Halloween


Gimmie Gacha Productions new round of Gachaland is open!! This time around I am super super excited, I mean I am always excited for their events but this one has a lot themed for my favorite time of year HALLOWEEN!! You will find some amazing creations as always so be sure to run and try your hand at the gachas! Let us get started with details as we also have newness from Bee Designs, Little Branch and Raindale!


From the Beware Halloween Gacha Set available @ Gachaland

[Since1975]Beware-Graveyard Garden

[Since1975]Beware-Gravestone&Pumpkin Lamp

[Since1975]Beware Halloween House RARE


Bee Designs

From the Trick Or Treating Gacha – Available @ Shiny Shabby

Bee designs Trick Or Treating Gacha 1 RARE

Bee designs Trick Or Treating Gacha 10

Bee designs Trick Or Treating Gacha 5

Bee designs Trick Or Treating Gacha 2 RARE

Bee designs Trick Or Treating Gacha 4

Little Branch

From the fat-pack of Halloween trees – Available @ Cosmopolitan for 50% off

Little Branch Spookytree.v3

Little Branch creepyspooky.v1

Little Branch GnomeTree


 Grimward Cauldrons- Available @ We love RP. One of these is decor and empty and can be texture changed for the metal. The other is a cauldron that you can change the color of the cauldron itself, the potion and the smoke color.  Additionally, there is a spellbook decor that comes with this set. However, it is not pictured here.

You can find the original blog post with more images on my blog.


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