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.Back To Nature.

Growing up in New Orleans, La my Mom use to take us out to the levee when the water would recede and we would collect drift wood. We would make incredible décor with this drift wood and it is a memory that has always stayed with me, as well as something I enjoy doing to this day. Once I saw the beautiful wood décor Cinphul and YS&YS created, I just knew that I would have to utilize these pieces! To add to the natural yet modern feel of the décor I knew the loose, fashionable, clean and summery look of the Vicky outfit Created by GizzA, would complete the feel of the photo.

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What Gia Is Wearing:

GizzA-Vicky Tank Blouse [White]
GizzA-Vicky Trousers [White]

~Tableau Vivant~ Morgan hair – Red

an lar [poses] The Maven Series – Five (m)

Décor In Photo:
cinphul-Gotrik Frame [Evolve]
cinphul-Gotrik Offering Platter [Lite]
cinphul-Gotrik Candle [Lite]
cinphul-Gotrik Candle [Nite]
[PM]Pixel Mode – The Marcus Studio Apartment
*YS&YS*-Essential Dark Table
*YS&YS*-Essential Dark Shelf
*YS&YS*-Essential Cat Picture 02
*YS&YS*-Essential Cat Picture 03
*YS&YS*-Essential Chair
*YS&YS*-Essential Tree White
*YS&YS*-Essential Tree Black



  • Kaiachi

    That’s a really gorgeous setup. The trees give an edgy and natural feel. I’ve never been to the ocean at all, but I have a friend who collects driftwood and places plants into any holes and crevices in the wood. She mounts them and they turn into beautiful gardens. Such a creative way to use driftwood!

  • Ad0riana

    i haven`t yet noticed the cinful ones, but now i`m totally in love with those candles and the plate there on top. *runs to hit the machines*
    p.s. the look feels so cooling, and fresh… *resumes machine punching*

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