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Autumnal treasures


Let’s celebrate the coming fall and see what it will bring to us.

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Galland Homes
Franklin by Galland Homes
Available at Fameshed till September 25th

[ keke ] 
[ keke ] old garden greenhouse . dark
Available at the main store (50% off with Black dot sale now)

[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . green
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . orange
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . brown
Available at the main store

[ keke ] balloon . round . gold
[ keke ] balloon . wabbit . gold
[ keke ] balloons . maus . gold
Available at Fameshed till September 25th

Bee Designs
Bee designs Seasonal benches Gacha 1 RARE
Bee designs Seasonal benches Gacha 2 RARE
Available at Imaginarium till September 30th

Dreaming Thicket
Dreaming Thicket – Banner & Pole – Shield – Quarterly
Available at Imaginarium till September 30th

Moonlight Shadow
“Moon_Sha” Savage Bench – Dark
Available at Imaginarium till September 30th

Velvet Whip
[V/W] Storage Chest Leaves
[V/W] Storage Chest Browns
[V/W] Storage Chest Nutmeg
Available at Imaginarium till September 30th



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