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Why You Should Choose Gimme Gacha For Your Advertising Needs!

The Gimme Gacha blog features over 20 talented bloggers whose artistic talents help to highlight some of the biggest events on the grid including The Gacha Garden, The Imaginarium and the Gacha Guardians! Our constant stream of quality content brings in thousands of unique readers every month that take time to browse the site and explore what we have to offer. Over the last several years our audience has steadily grown and our reach has expanded greatly. Advertising with Gimme Gacha will allow your business to garner immediate exposure and brand recognition to our thousands of loyal readers. Here are some of our latest stats!

  • 22,891 unique visitors in January 2018
  • 636,980 site visits in January 2018
  • 2,102,034 page views in January 2018
  • 17,715,150 total page views in since January 2017
  • 21,436 group members as of January 2018

Those amazing stats mean nothing however if the ad space you pay for can be easily hidden by Ad Blockers. Many websites use programs that allow the space you pay to advertise in to be removed by free ad blockers resulting in you losing thousands of views from potential customers. Our advertising system is different and ensures that your ads remain visible to every single person that visits our site regardless of Ad Blockers ensuring that 100% of our traffic is working for you and not just a fraction of it!

Our Advertising Packages

Our Ads are open to everyone; your business does not have to be gacha related.

If you cannot find an advertising package that suits your needs or have a special request please feel free to contact Meeka Sihtu.


Sidebar Advertising

Our sidebar ads appear on the right hand of our site on every single page. As an added benefit your sidebar ads will never be removed by Ad Blockers. The ads you pay for are always visible and doing their job, driving traffic to your business.

Sidebar Campaign

Our Sidebar Campaign is designed for those stores, events and locations looking for exceptional visibility at a great rate.

  • 256 x 128 Image displayed on our sidebar
  • L$3,000 per month (4 weeks)
  • 128 x 128 Image displayed on our sidebar
  • L$1,500 per month (4 weeks)

Sticky Events

Our Sticky Events ensure that your shopping or sales event receives highly visible in-depth coverage. Our bloggers will create a special blog post featuring an image of your choice (generally the event flier or brand logo), event dates, direct teleport links and any details other details you would like included! Your special Sticky Event post will remain at the top of our blog for 3 days before moving into normal post order guaranteeing thousands will see the information on your event during that critical opening period as well as thorough out the month as our readers browse!

Included in this option

  • Sticky Post featured above ALL other blog posts for 3 days
  • Full size image, logo or event flier in a featured blog post
  • Event Run Dates prominently featured
  • Event Details clearly provided
  • L$3000 for 3 Days (limit of 1 sticky event per day)

Optional Add Ons

If you are running a large shopping event and would like your vendor images added to the post our team would be happy to do that for you and help spread the word on the awesome offerings at your event!

  • First 10 vendor images included for FREE in your package!
  • Additional images are L$25 each

Professional Campaign

Our Professional Sidebar Campaign is designed for those stores, events and locations looking for the highest level of exposure possible for a short duration. This options is perfect for those looking to highlight the opening of an event, a special sale or the grand opening of a store etc.

  • 300 x 300 Image displayed at the top of our sidebar
  • L$3,000 for 3 days
  • L$5,000 for 1 week




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