A Bohemian Uber

Uber-March 2015
March brings yet another Uber Event and this time it is a Boho Theme and I went a bit crazy over all of the items. Great Creators and Great merchandise mean for great style in Second Life so, get down to the event before it ends!

What Gia is Wearing In Above Photo:

Nylon Outfitters-Kimono-Red-Peacock
Nylon Outfitters-Lace Halter-Black
Nylon Outfitters-Boho Denim Shorts-Light Faded
Pure Poison-Boho Platforms (Package Comes With Both Color Options!)

Yummy-Boho Beaded Necklace-Blue/Yellow Gold

Moon-Dream Weaver-Naturals

Uber Bohemian March 2015

This Uber Event did not disappoint with the amount of quality furnishings and decor, as usual. Cheeky Pea, Tarte, Aria, Junk-Just to name a few, brought it hard with their creations. With spring just around the corner this event helped me prepare for some spring decorating after I do some much needed spring cleaning.

Decor Within Above Photo:

Willa Decorative Makeup Tray
Willa Decorative Potted Aspidistra Plant

Cheeky Pea:
Delilah Rugs
Delilah Console
Delilah Mirror
Falling Over Books

Boho Curtain

Pohoda-Wicker Chair

Uber March Boho

Decor Within Photo Above:

Willa Tapestry
Willa Potted Phormium Plant
Willa Chipped Dresser

Cheeky Pea:
Delilah Blossom Solid Curtain
Delilah Bed-Blossom
Delilah Blossom Rugs

Boho Wall Art

-Gia Swizzle


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