#71 – Isn´t a Fairy Tale?


Comment for a chance to WIN A RARE GACHA!!


NEW! 01 RARE –Sorumin Goddess GACHA -Body- GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! 16 –Sorumin– Goddess GACHA -Blue sleeves- GACHA @The Gacha Garden


NEW! -FABIA-<Vita> Hair GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! 3rd Eye_ 1 Crystaline Gaze ( Luna ) Music Box COMMON GACHA @The Gacha Garden


NEW! *HEXtraordinary* Curtained Wisteria Square Pergola – White RARE GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975]-Swan Boat / White RARE GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975]-Swan Boat / Pink SOI GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975] Swan Boat/ Ballon A GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975] Swan Boat/ Ballon B GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975] Swan Boat / Bench GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975] Swan Boat/ Multiple Lights GACHA @The Gacha Garden

NEW! [Since1975] Swan Boat / Dock & Ivy GACHA @The Gacha Garden

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  • AdilaChero Resident

    I think that i we all love Gachas in some form or another my husband says i need to go to meetings lol (( like GAA ))i think it is great that all the sponsors come together in these different event and allow us to enjoy all their treasures. whether we stand there trying to get what w wont or are happy with the one or two things we win, with the small tokens of free gifts that are given out , we are able to sample a lil of each sponsors stores . No matter what event it is we all get to treasure it all. i know for my self i love exploring the events even if i dont go to each sponsor or i got back a million times before the events are over and go to all of them . but there is no way to give a million thank you for having these event and have a viarty of the exciting treasures around the grid . Hugs and much thanks for having these event for ppl to enjoy – Makaila

  • Sigmablues

    Quite the magical fairy tale picture you have going on here lol. All the sparkles, the lighting and the outfit. They all work together so wonderfully that they bring to life a still shot 🙂

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