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2. Good old friends – many Gacha RAREs

good old friends

You can see all details on my flickr or you can follow my new
. Maybe you want to have a look @


[Harshlands] Voodudes holdable plush Gacha 

[HL] Voodude #1 – RARE Chucky

[HL] Voodude #2 – RARE Freddy

[HL] Voodude #5 – Joker

[HL] Voodude #3 – RARE Samara

[HL] Voodude #22 – Basic 3 & Pins

available @ Gachaland Event


*~*HopScotch*~* Halloween Backdrops Gachaland

*~*HopScotch*~* Halloween Backdrop „Gate“

available @ Gachaland Event


Oubliette  –  Conjure – Gacha

Oubliette  –  Conjure Witches Cottage RARE

available @ Gachaland Event


[Since1975] Hounted House Gacha

[Since1975] Hounted House Fences & Ivy

[Since1975] Hounted House – Skeleton

available @ Gachaland Event


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