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128. Magic Forest

Magic Forest

15/16 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Yarn at Gacha Garden Event
17/18 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Socks
17/18 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Mary Janes
22 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Kitten Tabby

Doe: MMaple / Leaves at Gacha Garden Event

NamiiChu ~ Kieko Lenses – Chocolate

RARE 1 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Kitten Overalls at Gacha Garden Event
RARE 1 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Sweater
RARE 2 [Salem] Kitten Magick // Cardigan
[Salem] Kitten Magick // Bandaids


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