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1. Pride Month


You can find full credits and annother image on my blog or you can see the HQ Picture on my Flickr.

 Body ✿ - 

Body: Maitreya LARA --->Maitreya

Head: Genus Project Classic Face ---> .

Hair: {Limerence} Moonlight sonata Gacha - Leora hair (a close up Blog will follow) --->Imaginarium Event

 Decor ✿

• DUST Pride Party Gacha - Pride DJ Truck --->Imaginarium Event

• DUST Pride Party Gacha - Pride Laptop --->Imaginarium Event

• DUST Pride Party Gacha - Rainbow DJ Booth --->Imaginarium Event

• DUST Pride Party Gacha - Happy DJ Mixer --->Imaginarium Event

• DUST Pride Party Gacha - Rainbow Umbrella --->Imaginarium Event


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