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 ❀ Scene

Serenity Style– Vintage Treasures – Doors @The Liasion Collaborative

Serenity Style– Vintage Treasures – Mannequin @The Liasion Collaborative

Serenity Style– Vintage Treasures – Metallic boxes @The Liasion Collaborative

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Play @Harajuku

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Nap @Harajuku

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sit @Harajuku

{moss&mink} Shimmer Butterflies

SSMS- Paris Armoire GOI @The imaginarium

SSMS-#1. Paris Nightstand w/Lamp @The imaginarium

SSMS-#2. Paris Nightstand w/Stuffs @The imaginarium

SSMS-#3. Paris Bed RARE @The imaginarium

SSMS-#4.Paris Pics @The imaginarium

SSMS-#5. Paris Rug @The imaginarium

SSMS-#6 Paris Ottoman @The imaginarium

SSMS-#7 Paris Flower Pile @The imaginarium

Mutresse-Artist-Just Kids

Mutresse-Designer-Just Kids



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