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Hair: white river co. – Daytripper Winter Hair (Essentials) Past Promotion FLF

White River Co.

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya

❤ Glasses: Mug – Pastel Goth – #4 Moon Glasses Blue Gacha

 •MUG• To The Gacha Gardem

Choker: Mug – Pastel Goth – #7 Rose Choker Blue Gacha
 •MUG• To The Gacha Gardem

❤ Dress: Mug – Pastel Goth – #1 Skull Dress RARE Gacha

•MUG• To The Gacha Gardem

❤ Fanny Pack: Mug – Pastel Goth – #13 Fanny Pack Blue Gacha
•MUG• To The Gacha Gardem

❤ Shoes: Mug – Pastel Goth – #2 Cross Heels RARE Gacha
•MUG• To The Gacha Gardem

Pets: JIAN Rascal Rats 1. Shoulder Companion RARE
JIAN Feline Frights EP 5. Black Companion Gacha
Past Events Gachas 

Background: *PL* backdrop #10past event Gacha

Thanks for support ❤


Comments 7

  1. Sigmablues

    This outfit is a very cute set!!!!! I love that you have the little rat buddy, and the background to add even more cuteness to it all hahaha. 🙂

  2. Fyrebird Courier

    So goth, so sweet. Love this look…and i absolutely LOVE those glasses. And that cat. but i was expecting the harry potter one from Jian…maybe he’s undercover?

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