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✿.。.:* Look 1859*.:。 ✿

Post Original

Pose: FOXCITY. Carefree-6 
Pose edited to adapt to my photo with animare
Hair: Exile – Party at Claire’s – (HUD) Reds
Head: LAQ Bento head – Lulu
LAQ ~ Avatars
Skin: LAQ ~ Madison Skin [All Tones]
Body Skin Tone 2.5
LAQ ~ Avatars
Accessories for head: LAQ ~ Shaved Head
LAQ ~ Epicanthic fold
LAQ ~ Lip liner
LAQ ~ Dimples
❤ Outfit: adorsy – Lily Set Fatpack  – Maitreya incluides
Top: 35 standar colors + 10 prints
Jeans: 12 standar + 4 prints
Shorts: 35 standar + 10 prints
Opcional bra, lace, belt, and customizable Text in in the back pockets


Decoration: ~GD~ Pumpkin Lamp Gacha
~GD~ Sign – Its FALL Gacha
~GD~ Candy Corn Bowl2 Gacha
~GD~ Ceramic Pumpkins – orange Gacha
~GD~ Gourds 1 Rare Gacha
~GD~ Gourds 2 Rare Gacha
~GD~ Cline Console Table Gacha
~GD~ Fall Branches Gacha
~GD~ Stesson Chair – Foliage – GOI
Mutresse-Annoyed-Shortie Cats Gacha
Thanks for support ❤


  • Togli Dagger

    Nice harvest there. I bet your kitten helped you and looks like it is guarding that box well also! That outfit looks comfy for drinking some early morning coffee too.

  • SigmaBlues

    I do very much like when bloggers add multiple picture <3 It always shows off what you have so much better 🙂 Your avatar is so adorable, I like that hair and outfit the best though. Plus, that kitten looks super content there in its box lol. Fall is coming 😀

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