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●♛ ● CHICADDICTED SL ●♛ ● #72



●♛ ● CHICADDICTED SL ●♛ ● #72

Imaginarium 09\2019

!dM Kinky
!dM Kinky – LARA Bottoms **LILAC**
!dM Kinky – LARA ButtonDown **LILAC**
!dM Kinky – LARA HandCuffs **RARE**
!dM Kinky – LARA LeatherCollar **K-POP**
!dM Kinky – LARA LeatherCorset **K-POP**
!dM Kinky – LARA LeatherCuffs **K-POP** (left)
!dM Kinky – LARA LeatherCuffs **K-POP** (right)

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  • Sigmablues

    A pretty girl all bound up with chains and such…. that is definitely an interesting thing to see. 😀 I do really love the outfit.

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