Second Life,  The Gacha Garden

●♛ ● CHICADDICTED SL ●♛ ● #64


The Gacha Garden Gacha Garden 08\2019

✎ *CK* Fluffy unicorn toy gacha

*CK* Fluffy unicorn gacha toy sweet RARE
*CK* Fluffy unicorn gacha toy SEEDS
*CK* Fluffy unicorn gacha toy fairy pink RARE

✎ ~M&M~ Goat Gatcha

~M&M~ Goat Gatcha #1 RARE

✎ .Tardfish. Chompy Tails

.Tardfish. Chompy Tail V2 Demon King – Rare
.Tardfish. Chompy Tail V2 Angelbitter – Rare

✎ [ae] Sola

[ae] Sola Slushie Pink – PLEASE ADD ME
[ae] Sola Sunglasses Rose Gold – PLEASE ADD ME

✎ :Z.S: Star-Struck Gacha

:Z.S: Tongue Star
:Z.S: Star Nose Stud Left
:Z.S: Star Nose Stud Right

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  • Sigmablues

    This has got to be the coolest nerdy and girly place ever!!! Chain chomps, unicorns, glitter and pink everywhere!!!! That donut apparel is awesome!!!!

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