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●♛ ● CHICADDICTED SL ●♛ ● #59


▶GimmeGacha-GachaLand: ◀ June 2019

✎ Breaux Willow ~ Yummy Summer Cushion
✎[SS] *1* Thicc Bricc – #Basic
✎*CK* Kitty Kitty gacha student white (MOD TO MAX SIZE)
✎*CK* Kitty Kitty gacha kittycorn
✎*CK* Kitty Kitty gacha just kitty white
✎*CK* Kitty Kitty gacha babygirl
✎*CK* Kitty Kitty gacha kittycorn princess white RARE

More details about the look in:


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  • Sigmablues

    awww there is a lot of cuteness in this picture 😀 !!!!! Those kitties are the perfect little buddies to have around … Then you have that GINORMOUS ONE in the background hahahaha it’s so huge!!!

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